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Bach to Rock Main Line Parent

Main Line Parent Bach to Rock

This rockin' music school believes, "Music is the key to success." If your child is banging on the piano, or maybe belting tunes in the shower, Bach to Rock is the place for them to explore the world of music and find which instrument suits them. The school's method focuses on building teamwork while developing social skills and self-esteem. Your child can start learning with private lessons or with group bands at their Wayne location. Learning music should be fun and enjoyable; that's why this school has weekly ensemble instruction, band formations, and public concerts including a Battle of the Bands. They even offer Kids N' Keys, a class that introduces kids 5-7 years old the fundamentals of music. Want to start them even younger? The Rock City program has music education for your 3-5 year olds using musically inspired story time. Making music fun through learning, your little ones will be enjoying the beats and rhythms while pursuing a new creative hobby.

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